about me

20140309_037why, hello there! my name is diana lee and welcome to my little corner here on the world wide web. this, my friends, would be my website+portfolio+bloggity-blog-blog…my webfolioggity! i just invented a great word, no? (now say that ten times fast.)

i like to post about my design and photography work, my travels, good food, good people…basically, whatever inspires and interests me at the moment.

where did the name love~d come from?

it all derived from signing my emails with “~d”…which would occasionally turn to “love, d” if i knew the recipient well enough. and because i’m just that cool, it transitioned into “love~d”. for the record, i loved the fact that it read as “loved” (and patted myself on the back for being so witty, hah!) and am now very glad that my parents gave me a name that started with the letter ‘D’.

the design of the logo itself has something to do with a superhero logo, but that’s a whole other story i shall save for another day. in any case, i am even more happy that my dad’s last name started with ‘L’.

i’m not sure where i’ll take love~d…or, for that matter, where love~d will take me, but i know that a simple printed piece of paper, whether it’s a photograph or stationery, can bring about so much joy and excitement to someone. hopefully i’ll be able to look back on this site 30, 50, 60 years from now and see that i’ve done things i loved, built great relationships, embraced opportunities, and experienced life’s blessings with a humble and grateful heart.

thanks for stopping by…don’t be a stranger and leave me a comment or connect with me in the contact section. have a great day! ^_^