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lim triplets // 1st birthday party

The Lim triplets just turned 1 and had an amazing birthday celebration with their family and friends! It was such a treat to see all 3 babies together…playing their 3 individual grab games…eating their way through 3 smash cakes…it really was a day of 3 times the fun!

Taking a nice family picture in front of the dessert table was a feat in itself. Getting 3 babies to look in front of the camera at the same time was a tough task, but I definitely tried haha! But I loved being able to document the fun chaos of that time and seeing all their family and friends around them singing “Happy Birthday!” I hope when the babies grow up and look back on these pictures, they’ll see how much time, love and care their parents spent on their special milestone! Their parents deserve a nice, long nap! =)