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the art of storytelling by tauran photography // workshop

I attended the Art of Storytelling with Tauran Photography last year and finally(!) have a chance to blog a little bit about it. A busy wedding season makes little time for blogging right now (eek! so behind haha!), but I still wanted to post some highlights from the workshop. The Ambassador Mansion & Gardens was such a pretty venue for everything. It’s got a very European countryside feel to the grounds and I really liked that the interior decor was very minimal. It forces you to really focus on posing and creating good portraits with your subject.

Tauran is a great photographer and was so open and kind to answering everyone’s questions. He’s really knowledgeable about using both digital and film cameras, and I enjoy over conversations about geeky photography talk as well as our talks about life in general. It was really interesting to see him work and see how he approaches wedding photography. I can’t wait to share more pictures from my experience, but for now, here are some of my favorite pictures from one of the workshop days. I was shooting both digital and film…can you figure out which is which? =)