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karla+kurtis // wedding

As a 2nd shooter, I’m with the groom and groomsmen a majority of the time, so I typically post a lot of those pictures on my blog. However, I wanted to showcase a lot of the other things I’m shooting throughout the day as well. I thought that Karla+Kurtis’ wedding was the perfect way for me to change up my blog post a bit and post about details, details, details!

Karla+Kurtis got married at Walnut Grove at Tierra Rejada Ranch, and their planner did an amazing job coordinating everything. The reception set-up was beautiful and I was in such awe of their cute dessert table. I may or may not have tried 1 or 2 cupcakes at the end of the night…darn my sweet tooth! =)

// Images were taken as a 2nd photographer for Jennifer Fujikawa Photography. I edited the following photographs for my online portfolio only.

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