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sue+chris // wedding

Sue+Chris are such an easy-going, fun-loving, good-looking couple! If I could think of any more compound words, I would insert it here haha.

It was a joy helping to document their wedding day and the Green Gables Wedding Estate in San Diego was the most perfect setting! The decor of the venue is a wonderland of vintage details, and the tree swing was the cutest photo op ever! Sue looked so beautiful wearing her traditional hanbok and wedding gown, and I’m glad we were able to capture her on the tree swing in both dresses.

I also had an awesome time photographing Chris and his groomsmen. They were game for doing any funny poses I asked for, especially the, “tend to Chris!” group shots. There was no direction needed on my part…love working with a fun group!

// Images were taken as a 2nd photographer for Jennifer Fujikawa Photography. I edited the following photographs for my online portfolio only.

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