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the joe family // home is whenever i’m with you…

My first blog post of the new year features the Joe family! I was so happy to reconnect with Katie+Brian over the Thanksgiving holiday for their newborn/family session. (Yes, I realize that I am a little behind on blogging =P) I think the last time I had really seen them both together was on a visit to New York in ’09…pre-baby #1 and now baby #2 is here! It was so fun catching up with them both that day!

To have been able to do their wedding stationery in the past and now photograph their family session is such a treat for me. I love being able to stay connected over the years and see families grow! The Joe family is now in Irvine and I have already offered my babysitting services to them when I am in town. I feel like I’ve already bonded with their daughters with all the little toys I brought for the session. Confetti, bubbles, colored ribbon…what little girl wouldn’t love playing with Auntie Diana?! =P

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