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carlin+brian // …and baby makes three

…or 4 if you include their dog, Rick James.

…actually 5 if you also include their tortoise, Steven. haha

Regardless of the number count, the Lau family is indeed growing! Carlin had wanted to send their family and friends a Christmas card along with a little pregnancy announcement, and I was totally game for the surprise! Since she was in the early stages of her pregnancy, she wasn’t really showing so we used some baby shoes as props for the day. I’m so glad she got them because the bright red color just totally pops and it matches big brother’s (Rick James) leash perfectly. =P

I am so excited for Carlin+Brian and can’t wait until Baby Lau arrives!

They ended up using this picture for their Christmas card. Isn’t it cute how Rick James is kissing the baby shoes?
I actually really wanted them to use the picture below for their announcement because it’s a total Brian “face”, but understand why it was passed over for the nicer one. =P
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