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cooking 101 // this could be a good life…a good, good life

My friend, Linda, wanted to celebrate her birthday by attending a cooking class and I was all game for it because…I can’t really cook! I’m more of a “toss-already-made-ingredients-together” type of person. I currently don’t have a microwave in my kitchen either, or else I’d be a “microwave-is-easier” type of person as well. Haha. To my credit, I follow directions well! I just can’t whip up stuff from scratch and wouldn’t be able to prepare a 10 course meal with the stuff in my fridge. (My mom, who is an amazing cook, is probably shedding a tear right now…)

Although I chose an easier dish to make (the salad), the recipe called for me to make the candied walnuts and raspberry vinaigrette dressing from scratch. Mmm…yum! I can now say I know how to make something from scratch. Success!

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