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shoot+meet // and i say hello hello hello

I was finally able to go to a local Shoot + Meet gathering and I had so much fun meeting fellow photographers in the SoCal area. Not everyone is a wedding photographer as there were a lot of photo enthusiasts there too. I’m usually pretty shy around strangers, but everyone was really welcoming and Shoot + Meet gave me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone while doing something I love…taking pictures!

I loved that everyone was really enthusiastic about shooting each other, whether it was with a film or digital camera. Everyone has their own artistic style and it’s been great seeing all the pictures being posted in the group. Here are a couple pictures that I took throughout the day…it was fun posing photographers for once!

Special shout out to Jamie for being the first new friend I made there! It turns out we went to the same highschool together in Irvine, albeit a few years apart…what a small world, huh?! =)

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