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ched+micah // engagement

i’m so excited to blog about ched+micah’s engagement session. can you believe i shot a police officer?! (har. har. ok, i know…that was a cheesy joke. but what can i say, i’m quite punny. =P)

our afternoon started off at the los angeles police academy and ended up in downtown la. it was quite an eventful day trying to chase that pretty light. first we wove around traffic from a baseball game going on at dodger stadium, then in order to find an accessible bridge, we had to bypass all these police barricades because streets were shut down due to tv filming. oh l.a.,…you really made us work that day. haha.

but as we drove through all the crazy traffic, i saw how patient ched+micah were with one another and how they communicated so well throughout everything. ched+micah, you guys are a beautiful couple and it was fun roaming around la with you two…thank you for being so easy-going and letting me document your love! =)

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