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breckenridge // this could be a good life…a good, good life

i have now figured out that my altitude threshold is 11,000 ft. the cabin i stayed at was at that elevation and i felt totally incapacitated there. i’m not sure if it’s just that i needed to drink more water, or if i needed more time to acclimate to the higher altitude, but i’ll never know. i’m never staying at that high of an elevation again.

altitude sickness aside, my first visit to colorado was amazing. the outdoorsy state was a nice change of scenery and i got to experience many “firsts”:
• went down 2 black diamond runs. finally!
• while it was my turn to “mush” during our dog sledding excursion, i was a little speed demon and went too fast around a corner…crashing my sled into a snowbank. sorry, husky doggies!
• visited a legal mary-ju-wanna retail store. those pics will never be posted in public =P
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