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alexis+victor // parenthood

i smile to myself when i reflect back on how my relationship with alexis has developed over the years since meeting in college. we can both be pretty shy and quiet when you first meet us, but get us to talk about pop culture and we won’t be able to shut up. =) as much as i like to think that our days of chatting about our boy crushes or our favorite cw shows are over, we take polls like this – just last week, mind you – that say otherwise. (we both got christopher. which, huh…what?! that doesn’t make sense; totally rigged.)

i can never forget how we bonded over: our missions trip in china (especially since i suffered through a really bad stomachache on a 30+ hour train ride sitting next to alexis); experiencing the best!day!ever! together seeing prince william and kate middleton when they visited LA; and the day she started talking about this victor guy from her church. hehe. i questioned her taste in guys when she mentioned that he went to that other school, usc. but i soon realized that any guy who would help design and build, for free, their girlfriend’s friend’s (that would be me) website to help her get a new job is a good catch. extra brownie points for him because i got the job too!

i’m so happy for my friends, alexis and victor! they gave birth last week and i’m happy to report that baby, mom and dad are all doing fine. =) i had wanted to post this before the baby came, but oh well, i guess she was on her own schedule…welcome to the world little one!

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