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melanie+cuong // engagement

when i first met melanie, i noticed that she was wearing the cutest black framed glasses and had on the prettiest shade of red nail polish. as a hairdresser, her hair was obviously flawless as well; her style was effortless! as melanie, cuong and i started to discuss ideas on how the engagement session was going to be in palm springs, i started to envision how this fun and stylish couple would fit right into that desert oasis landscape.

i was excited to shoot near the wind turbines and the beautiful riviera hotel for their engagement session that day, and absolutely loved how well they dressed up for the occassion! melanie+cuong dressed to the nines, but it was also so laid-back and cool…even frank sinatra would approve! =P

i love trying new things and it was a great way to start my first photo session of 2014!

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