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eileen+andre // engagement

i was so excited when eileen+andre approached me to do both their wedding photography and wedding stationery pieces. yes, there is an “and” in there. they’re the first couple to hire me for both services, and i sincerely thank them for trusting me with everything! my instagram feed shows a little sneak peek of the finished wedding invitations before they got sent out, but first up on the blog…the engagement session!

ucla was the obvious location of choice when eileen+andre were thinking about having their engagement pictures done. the 3 of us had all met at a christian fellowship at ucla, so it was a lot of fun taking pictures all over our old stomping grounds. it’s been 10 years since i last stepped foot on campus as a north campus major, though, so i just followed the 2 south campus majors around when they wanted to take pictures anything south of kerckhoff** hall haha. i would’ve never found that inverted fountain on my own!

the highlight of the session was being able to shoot inside an empty pauley pavilion. since there was a campus event going on, the doors to pauley were open and no one was inside the arena yet. i started shooting away and the 3 of us felt so lucky that we were able to spend even 5 minutes alone in there. i guess security was lax, or, maybe we just blend right in because we look like we’re still in college?!? (hmmm. i think it’s the former…at least for me. haha)

eileen+andre, it was great reminiscing about our time at ucla together. you guys are fun to work with and i’m so excited to document your special day in a couple months!!

**ahh, kerckhoff…the building where 2 out of the 3 jobs i worked at in ucla were located: kerckhoff coffee house, where my love for coffee shops started (not really), and the daily bruin, where i honed my design skills creating boring infographics galore!

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