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rachel+allen // engagement

i’ve known allen since childhood since we grew up in the same family church together. his faith and relationship with God has deepened exponentially throughout the years, and although we haven’t kept much in touch after college, i’ve never been one to see allen do anything “crazy” or out of the norm.

that is, until rachel appeared in his life. love can make you do crazy things, ya know?!

allen had gathered up a group of our old church friends together one summery night this past august to “catch up.” little did we know that rachel would be there too! it was a fun night for all of us to meet the lovely rachel and reminisce about old times together. it was especially fun to hear about how allen and rachel had met (editor’s note: this is my condensed, less romantic, version of it haha)…

in february 2013, allen noticed rachel singing on stage at a conference; he thought she was pretty and had a great voice. he wanted to talk to her, but, didn’t know how. so he got a friend (we’ll call this wingman, “goose”) to go with him to talk to rachel. goose straight up asked rachel, “so, i noticed you don’t have a ring on your finger. you single?” (editor’s note: slick moves there, goose!)

anyways, they eventually went on their first date which led to many more! allen introduced rachel to me and my old church friends after 6 months of dating, and after they left, my friends and i were joking that rachel was “the one” and allen wouldn’t wait too long to get engaged. 2 months later, we were right! =)

they’re getting married in february 2014, and even though it feels like a crazy and out of the norm courtship, i guess it only takes one day or one date to know. when you know, you know. mhmm…and maybe God’s grace had something to do with it too haha. allen and rachel weren’t even sure they were going to the conference in the first place, but they did! and the rest, is history…

i was so happy to be asked to photograph their engagement session; they even wore the same outfits they wore on their first date together! i had a lot of fun documenting their love…it is sweet and kind, respectful and full of longing looks. congrats allen+rachel! i’m excited to witness your union next year!

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