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claire // abc’s+123′s

world, meet baby claire…she is now a little over 2 months old!

it feels like just yesterday when i was attending college with her parents, kara and paul, and now they have 2 young girls…a cute family of 4. it’s crazy how time flies and i’m so glad to be able to reconnect with old friends through something like photography.

what you don’t see here in the pictures is an endearing behind the scenes moment between big sister elise (nicknamed “ellie”) and her little baby sister. while i was setting up the aerial shot of claire in the wooden crate, i needed a bit of a height boost to get a better angle, so kara went to go grab a step stool. while kara was away, ellie kept putting little stuffed animals into the crate and kept watch over claire the whole time. i bet ellie is going to grow up to be a sweet, protective older sister to claire one day!

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