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boo! // this could be a good life…a good, good life

i finally carved my first pumpkin ever in my life and uh, let’s just say…it kind of shows. i got a little too ambitious looking up halloween designs on marthastewart.com and chose a design that required me to etch and not carve. that was my 1st mistake.

the 2nd mistake is martha’s (or whatever page i googled), not mine! there really should be levels of difficulty on each design. i would not have chosen to etch my pumpkin if i knew how hard it would be. i may or may not have been using tools i shouldn’t have been using either: a dinner knife, spoon, steak knife, and a sharpie. haha. i labored and toiled over that orange sucker, but it was all in vain. in the end, all i got was…

“is that an eyeball?”

no. it’s a moon. a gleaming MOON!! how come nobody sees it but me? sigh. it’s ok, d. because next halloween? i. gots. dis. watch out martha stewart!

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