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summer travels part 1 | august 2013 // this could be a good life…a good, good life

i recently came back from a 12-day cruise around the mediterranean sea with my parents and relatives. if any knows me, they know that i have a strong affinity towards the royal family of england, so i thought it was fitting that i went on a cruise ship that was crowned, “royal princess.” it was the newest ship built from the princess cruises line and it was christened this past june by hrh the duchess of cambridge. thanks for keeping me safe on the seas, princess kate!

my parents and i decided to extend our stay in europe by arriving 2 days earlier in venice (embarkation port), and staying an extra 2 days in barcelona (disembarkation port). the first time i traveled to europe was in 2003 and i had the opportunity to visit venice and other parts of italy at that time. although i was excited to visit new cities/countries, i was still excited to revisit countries i’ve traveled to before.

i know i probably sound too much like a foreign tourist, but europe will always have a wonderful charm about it found no where else in the world. i love just walking around and capturing the beauty of europe…

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