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phoebe+jeff // wedding stationery

phoebe runs her own letterpress studio, plumbum press, and is really talented at what she does. it’s really clever how she came up with the name “plumbum” as it’s the original latin word for lead…where on the periodic table, the element is Pb…which coincides with phoebe’s nickname of “pb”…who now does letterpress where traditional letterpresses used lead type. whew. i know there are a ton of grammatical errors in that run-on sentence, but i hope i got the story straight. haha.

i’ve ordered invitations and business cards from her in the past and have gotten many compliments on them. it’s always fun connecting with phoebe over design and our love for travel (we visited south africa together.) she recently got married and i was able to attend her wedding both as a guest and ceremony-program-designer-vendor-person. i know, what an official title.

phoebe’s fiancé’s name is jeff and together they are pb+j…the cuteness doesn’t stop there, people! phoebe’s love of vintage, quirkiness and hand-lettering was reflected in her wedding and in all the elements she produced. below are some pictures of the program i designed for their wedding, and a couple of candid shots i took of their special day…enjoy!

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isn’t this such a beautiful and fun wedding? congrats phoebe+jeff!!

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