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rhona+brad // wedding invitations

here’s the final look of rhona+brad’s wedding invitations!

after posting about the sneak peek, it’s fun to see how everything came together in the end. i love collaborating with clients who are so creative and love paper goods as much as i do. =)

if i had known how long it took to sew the invitations together, i might’ve suggested to rhona to just stick with stapling everything in the end. but colored twine, you win me over every time! gotta love that diy spirit haha.

2013.07.05_rhona-brad_weddingstationery10 2013.07.05_rhona-brad_weddingstationery11 2013.07.05_rhona-brad_weddingstationery12 2013.07.05_rhona-brad_weddingstationery13 2013.07.05_rhona-brad_weddingstationery14