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rhona+brad // wedding invitations sneak peek

rhona+brad have a sweet story of how they met and started dating. because rhona was born in the u.s. and brad was born in canada, they wanted to create a passport invitation to send to their guests since many were traveling to attend the wedding. i had free reign to design the inside pages, but rhona had a specific vision in mind for the passport cover: a map of north america with hearts being placed over los angeles and toronto, symbolizing where they came from and how “God has led two lives to take one path.” isn’t that so sweet and creative?!

to give it more of an authentic look, i suggested to rhona that the cover should be letterpressed with gold-foil, and she was completely on board (yay!!!) i’m so happy to see how everything looks so far…can’t wait to put the finishing touches on it. stayed tuned for the final look!

2013.07.05_rhona-brad_weddingstationery2 2013.07.05_rhona-brad_weddingstationery3 2013.07.05_rhona-brad_weddingstationery4 2013.07.05_rhona-brad_weddingstationery5 2013.07.05_rhona-brad_weddingstationery6 2013.07.05_rhona-brad_weddingstationery7 2013.07.05_rhona-brad_weddingstationery8