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grace+jeff // engagement | 07.14.12

Grace and I have known each other since highschool and we’ve grown to become closer friends over the latter years. Although Grace and Jeff dated for awhile, it wasn’t until recently that I’ve gotten to meet Jeff. We’re always laughing when we hang out, so I was anticipating capturing that laughter for their engagement pictures in beautiful Huntington Beach.

But out of all the weekends the weather decides to shift from warm to cool, it just had to be the weekend I shot Grace and Jeff’s engagement session. I was so bummed that we got none of that pretty Southern California “sunset glow.” This was my first time doing a beach session and I just wanted it to look so, so perfect. Alas, mother nature had other plans.

Putting that aside, the engagement session with Grace and Jeff was perfect! They were so comfortable around each other that it made my life (as a newbie photographer) easier. I didn’t have to direct much, but I attribute that to Grace just being really, really photogenic. The camera loves her! =) They were such troopers throughout everything, and I didn’t notice how cold it had gotten until I felt Grace’s hands at the end of the day…frozen! Whoops. I guess my nervousness/adrenaline rush kept me pretty warm! haha.

I can’t wait to start designing Grace and Jeff’s stationery for their wedding next year…be on the lookout for that post in the upcoming months!

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