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jen+daniel // wedding stationery | 06.25.11

when jen first approached me to design their stationery pieces, i was blown away by the huge powerpoint presentation she sent me detailing how she wanted everything to look. then…i got scared. what had I gotten myself into? what if everything doesn’t turn out the way jen envisions? uh oh…

luckily, after further emails and talking on the phone a bit, my fears slowly diminished and I was determined to take on this new challenge: cartoon illustrations!

jen’s whole theme encompassed the idea of incorporating more modern, cutesy characters from the traditional double happiness chinese symbol. This was completely new territory for me, so I asked an artist friend of mine, boden him, to assist me on a couple of character sketches. his sketches were amazing and exactly what jen wanted. (thanks, bo!!)

after the look of the characters were finalized, each of the looks were designed after that…

the table name cards reflected jen and daniel’s engagement story, so I’ll leave the explanation of the story up to them:

One summer Sunday, I asked Jen if she would like to have dinner with another couple, who were close friends. It was a beautiful day, so they suggested Pier i Café in the UWS along the Hudson River. When we got to Riverside Park I called our friends to see where they were and they said they were running late and would need a few minutes. To kill some time, we walked along the Hudson and eventually down to the end of Pier i where we took a seat to enjoy the view.
While we are seated, a man comes up to us with a bag of marshmallows and motions to give them to Jen. We don’t know the guy, so Jen is a little unsure how to react and looks away. He then says “Good things come to those who wait” and again motions to Jen with the marshmallows, at which point I take them and say thanks. Jen turns to me with a serious look and asks – “What are you doing taking things from strangers? We don’t know him. The marshmallows could be poisonous!” I try to calm her down, and say that the guy looked nice enough.
While Jen and I figure out what to do with the marshmallows, two ladies come up to us each with a rose in their hand. Again, we don’t know the ladies, but they motion to give their roses to Jen as one of them says “This is from Boston” and the other says “This is from Los Angeles”. Jen is still unsure about how to react, at which point I take the roses and thank the two of them. Jen turns to me with an even more serious look and asks “Why are you taking things from strangers? They could be evangelizing, asking us for money, who knows!”
Disclosure: we first dated long distance from Boston and Los Angeles
After a few seconds, Jen suddenly realizes what is going on ie. the proposal, and immediately reaches for my pockets to find the ring. Since I’m a step ahead of her, she doesn’t find it in my pockets but then grabs my bag and asks me if she can open it. At this point, I know the gig is up but smile and ask her to remember what the first guy said, “Good things come to those who wait.” Jen then gets extremely excited and bubbly.
Another stranger approaches us with a rose, saying “This is from San Francisco” at which point Jen excitedly accepts the gift. Several more strangers with roses visit us, each with a rose from a different city we’ve been to together. The roses begin to pile up in Jen’s hand, until she can’t remember what cities have gone by.
After the 11th rose is delivered, I ask Jen to close her eyes while I take out the ring and final rose hidden nearby. While I drop to a knee and ask her to open her eyes, a small crowd had gathered including many of the kind strangers who had helped earlier. As Jen is beaming, I say that the last rose is from New York and ask her to marry me.

this was all new territory for me, so i’m glad everything turned out well. congrats, jen+daniel!