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why, hello there! my name is diana and welcome to my little niche here on the world wide web. this, my friends, would be my website+portfolio+bloggity-blog-blog…my webfolioggity! i just invented a great word, no? (now say that ten times fast.)

i like to post about my design and photography work, my travels, good food, good people…basically, whatever inspires and interests me at the moment.

hopefully i’ll be able to look back on this site 30, 50, 60 years from now and see that i’ve done things i loved, built great relationships, embraced opportunities, and experienced life’s blessings with a humble and grateful heart.

thanks for stopping by…don’t be a stranger and leave me a comment or connect with me in the contact section. have a great day! ^_^

//side note: will i even be using a computer in the future? or will there be some new, crazy invention? like…a…hologram computer! that’d. be. awesome.