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i love nyc. // travels | 08.31.11-09.06.11

hmm…it seems like i was JUST in new york city. and well, i was. i swear, i love nyc, but i usually don’t take this many vacations out east. i wish i had the luxurious life of being a jet setter hah.

this time, i was out there for my cousin fanny’s wedding. she had gotten engaged after i had already booked my plane tickets to chicago/new york. but this trip out to new york felt more family/touristy oriented as we did a bunch of touristy things that i typically wouldn’t do. my extended family and i haven’t gone on a family vacation in a long time, so it was fun. needless to say, i became one of the official photographers for the trip.

every time i’m out in nyc, i always stroll through central park and look at the bench plaques. i’ve been lucky enough to always find really inspiring plaques to read and photograph. this time was no different. and no matter the weather, i will always love nyc. (ahem. says the socal girl who clearly hasn’t experienced a full season of winter weather on the east coast haha)