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julia+richard // wedding stationery | 06.20.10

i got to see some pics from julia and richard’s wedding recently. i’ve posted some of them below…don’t they look so cute?

julia had told me later that it was SUCH a good idea to design her wedding programs as pseudo-fans; all the guests ended up using them to shield their faces from the sun. (score 1 point for me! i love when good design merges with functionality haha.) and what better way to enjoy a hot, but nice, summer-y day with an outdoor wedding?!

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…and here’s a pic of their thank you cards to round out their wedding stationery~

my parents attended the wedding as well as they are family/church friends with julia and her family. my mom showed me the pic they took in the photobooth and all i could really do was chuckle. i don’t think my dad’s had a lot of experience with photobooths before…he didn’t even know where to look for 3 out of the 4 frames! i think it’s so hilarious, it’s so cute! or…am i just a mean daughter? =P