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carlin+brian // wedding stationery | 09.12.09

carlin, brian and i met while we were apart of ucla’s navigators ministry. i think if it weren’t for our college fellowship, we all really wouldn’t have crossed paths with one another (as all of us were in completely different fields of study). in fact, carlin and i were put in the same small group. i vaguely remember that one of the first impressions i had of carlin was that not only was she was the most petite girl i had ever seen (haha), but she is someone who contains an inspiring, steadfast spirit. and as for brian, i’ll always see him somewhat of a mysterious fella– a bit reserved at times, but completely opposite amongst close friends and family.

the end of senior year changed everything for them. i remember coming back from summer missions abroad and seeing them holding hands at the airport. i was shocked and wondered what i missed out on…but was immediately happy. sometimes you don’t know how good two people could possibly be until you see them together. God has blessed their relationship and i am so happy for them. it was fun working with them in creating their wedding stationery. what we ended up creating was completely them: simple, clean and elegant, with a bit of fun and tradition thrown in.

i don’t know if you can see clearly, but carlin painted their logo onto her aisle runner. isn’t that so creative? it added a nice touch to the overall look of the wedding.

carlin also handmade each and every single origami crane to hold all the escort cards…even if couples and families were put on the same escort card, 250+ escort cards x 2 cranes each…equals…a big headache haha. on top of that, carlin also took the leftover cardstock to make the photobooth holders (backing + corners). she is one crafty trooper.

..by | michael norwood photography.