alexis+victor // parenthood

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i smile to myself when i reflect back on how my relationship with alexis has developed over the years since meeting in college. we can both be pretty shy and quiet when you first meet us, but get us to … Continue reading

eileen+andre // engagement

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i was so excited when eileen+andre approached me to do both their wedding photography and wedding stationery pieces. yes, there is an “and” in there. they’re the first couple to hire me for both services, and i sincerely thank them … Continue reading

melanie+cuong // engagement

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when i first met melanie, i noticed that she was wearing the cutest black framed glasses and had on the prettiest shade of red nail polish. as a hairdresser, her hair was obviously flawless as well; her style was effortless! … Continue reading

joy+jonathan // wedding invitations

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“when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness and call it love, true love.” – robert fulghum after the word weirdness, add the words: honesty, communication, respect … Continue reading

rachel+allen // engagement

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i’ve known allen since childhood since we grew up in the same family church together. his faith and relationship with God has deepened exponentially throughout the years, and although we haven’t kept much in touch after college, i’ve never been … Continue reading